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Real Estate

Our team of Real Estate Lawyers has decades of experience in residential and commercial transactions. We’ve done purchases and sales,  financing, and leases. We close rural properties, as well as other types of residential and commercial real estate transfers.

Wills & Estates

Our Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers ensure that your financial legacy is distributed according to your wishes. We can draft your Will, establish or administer trusts and provide advice to protect your beneficiaries.


Reduce the emotion and stress of coming together or separating. Our HHL family law experts will represent you for cohabitation and marriage contracts and agreements (“prenups”), divorce,  separation, child custody, property and asset division, child or spousal support and most things in-between. We specialize in mediation, arbitration in and out of court.

Corporate/ Commercial

The HHL Corporate and Commercial Lawyers have the expertise and experience to assist you with your business needs. We can help in setting up your corporation, proprietorship, or partnership. We can also manage ownership changes, leasing, business sales, tax structuring or reorganization, or handling your estate and succession planning.


If there are problems about how you were let go, or if you represent a business facing workplace challenges due to problem employees, our experienced Employment Lawyers at HHL have the expertise you need to navigate the stressful ins and outs of employment law.

Civil Litigation

We can help you if you or your business has been wronged by another party, or is being accused of having done so by another party. Hiring an HHL Civil Litigation Lawyer with their years of experience and expertise could be crucial to you achieving a successful outcome in your dispute.